If you’re feeling a bit bored in your home at the moment, we have quick, easy and also affordable tips for how you can bring new life into any room in your house. 🏡💯🖼️⏺️ Add greenery – house plants make a home feel very inviting and add a pop of colour.⏺️ Rearrange the furniture – opening space or using it differently can make it feel like a new room.⏺️ Shuffle display items – move the knick-knacks around to new spots in the room, like frames, vases and photo frames.⏺️ Add a statement wall – a big change with little effort – even try a wallpaper.⏺️ Try a new rug – an inexpensive way to tie a room together and add warmth.⏺️ Replace knobs – remove the outdated knobs from your cabinetry and replace them with trendier ones. ⏺️ Add some colour – when in doubt add colour, these can be cushions and throws or decor pieces like a vase.Let us know which other top tips you have for homeowners who are wanting to change up their rooms quickly and cheaply. #PropertyShopZim